A little about Wells.

Wells designs, fabricates, and distributes custom furnishings for hotel, resort, residential, and design markets. Located in El Paso, TX, we've been proudly building America-made products since 1994 - the Wells family has been working metals since 1890.

Wells doesn't manufacture a product and then try and sell it, although we do provide an ever-expanding array of brand program items. We determine what you, the customer, want and then we manufacture your request. Wells is built on customers presenting challenges, and us working those obstacles to finished goods we're proud to put our name on. Our team is a collective of 'can do' people, working lots of long days to build the company we are today. Nearly 30 years of service, 20,000+ projects, and over a million frames later, we have seen a thing or two on how to build at scale.

Our primary focus has always been metal fabrication, while also working with wood and stone. We welcome you to take a moment to look through our website to preview our craftsmanship and attention to detail. As designs and customer needs have become more complex, so too has Wells evolved. Manual hand tools have given way to CNC cutting, bending, and rolling machines for precise automation. In addition, ecologically clean processes now supersede economically driven processes and we remain stewards of ESG (environmental, social, and governance).

Scrolling through our site will give you a look into our past and present, along with some of our capabilities. The images are just a few snapshots of our long and exciting journey and a glimpse into the future that is still unfolding before us.

Made in USA